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Embedded Whiteboard

Jealous of our fantastic shared whiteboarding service? Do you need a cross-platform whiteboard tool embedded into your website or web app?

We have a clean and transparent solution for setting up a white label service requiring only a few initial steps from your side. You focus on your business while we take care of technology.

Embedded whiteboard | Ziteboard.
Virtual whiteboard embedded into 3D art | Ziteboard

White Label Service

Our white label service is a customized whiteboard tool embedded into your web page under your (sub)domain and brand, but hosted and maintained by us. The whole system is cloned and run under an independent cloud environment with several benefits such as:

  • Database integrity
  • Performance-independence from Ziteboard
  • Full control of customization
  • Pay-as-you-go traffic costs

Simple API

We have a simple, json-based API with basic functionalities (creating users, modify user data, creating boards, modify board data, delete boards, etc). We’re pricing each function individually – which you can use without restrictions. This way you can put together the exact feature-pack you need from the API. We’re also open to providing custom API functions. Let us know what you’d need. As an example:

CREATE BOARD - creates a new, empty board by user ID
curl -X POST https://apidemon.ziteboard.com/api/createboard --data "api_key=111122223333&uid=123456"

Advanced Customization

We have capacity to implement your unique needs and will be happy to discuss them to survey their extra resources and costs. Although these increase your costs, we know from experience how unique customization creates extra value for your customers.


If you’d like to jump on a quick call to look into the options, or you are interested in the details, please, contact us.

In order to provide you with an offer, we need to know and understand your use-case, so please be as detailed when writing your needs and requests as you can.

We cannot reply to extremely vague, insufficient emails such as ‘I’m interested in the White Label…, give me a call.‘

We are open to having phone and video calls, but we require you sign up for a Pro account and try the service first, so we can have a meaningful and effective conversation.