Create and use navigation boxes - Ziteboard

Navigation Boxes

Ziteboard offers an infinite, zoomable working space. Now you can link the different area of the canvas together with navigation boxes. Each navigation box has a destination position, which is if triggered, the canvas moves there. Make your whiteboard explorable with well-linking navigation boxes.

Creating a navigation box

You can create a navigation box by the two-key hotkey: “na”. The navigation box points to the position – including zoom level and rotation – where the canvas was at the moment of creating the navigation box. Therefore, as a first step, move the canvas to the desired destination position and then hit the hotkey 'na' to create the navigation box. Once the navigation box is created, you have to grab and move it to the desired start position. Instead of moving the navigation box, you can teleport it as follows: select the navigation box, copy it by ctrl c, erase it, zoom out and move the canvas, paste the navigation box back.

Usage of navigation box

Select the navigation box by long pressing and click the GO button. This triggers the navigation and moves the canvas where the navigation box points to. If there are multiple navigation boxes on the whiteboard, use the two-key hotkey ‘nn’ to trigger the next navigation box and use ‘nb’ to navigate back.

The order of the navigation boxes is chronological by default, which you can override with the order number. For editing the order number, click the EDIT button of the selected navigation box and edit the third field next to the background color and font size option. The other role of the order number is that you can use it with the board link. If you append '&nav=10' next to a board link than the board will be positioned where the navigation box with order 10 points to.


There are three predefined hotkeys concerning the navigation box. Each a two-key hotkey beginning with n.

  • na: add a navigation box pointing to the current position of the whiteboard.
  • nn: trigger the next navigation box – navigate next.
  • nb: trigger the previous navigation box – navigate back.

Navigation on published board = presentation mode

Published boards – the presentation mode of Ziteboard – gives the true power of navigation boxes. On a published board, it is enough to click the navigation box to fly to its destination position or use the back/next buttons (hotkey: b/n) to step between the slides.