Customize your Virtual Whiteboard

hidden features of Ziteboard

Zoom levels

If the Zoom Buttons are enabled in the Settings, you can zoom with buttons. These buttons are extended with 6 pre-defined zoom levels. You can activate this feature by visiting: Set the number to 0 for deactivation.

Select Objects

You can select any objects by long pressing on it. Modify the response time of the long-press by visiting this link: This link sets 800 milliseconds. Decrease the number as you wish.

Move the Canvas by Arrows

You can move and navigate the canvas by the arrow keys. Modify the distance and the animation time by visiting this link: This link sets the distance to 200 pixels and the duration to 400 milliseconds. Adjust the parameters as you wish.

Video Size

Video chat is available from the bottom left corner on an open board for Pro users. Set the size of the video by visiting: Adjust the number in the URL as you wish.

Anonymous Whiteboard

Anonymous whiteboards don’t require your clients or students to register or login to Ziteboard. They just click the anonymous whiteboard link and join in the teamwork instantly. Only Pro users can order this feature. Order this extra package now.

Generate a link including all features

The table below contains the default values of the features. Adjust the values and generate your custom whiteboard link. Save or bookmark the link for sharing with others or for the case when your browser data cleared.

Zoom levels.zoomlevels = (tip: 1)
Line thickness.linewidth =
Marker thickness.markerwidth =
Long press delay.longpress = (milliseconds)
Moving the canvas.tweenpixels = (pixels)
Moving the canvas.tweenmilliseconds = (milliseconds)
Video chat size.videosize =
Language.lang = (EN, RU, TW)

Do you have a customization request?

We are open to implement new features and happy to talk about it. Drop us an email at: